Agency Template

Sketch template for agencies or small businesses. It includes a set of pages designed to easily fit any branding. As a personal project I did all of the UI/UX and visuals.

Wardian iPad App

iPad app design for estate marketing purpose. Keeping the brand guidelines I designed the UI/UX of the customer experience and walk through.

Audi Website

Personal project of redesigning Audi’s website. I’ve kept the original images and message, but tried to give it a visual twist and create a more memorable experience.

Behance Project

Newsio Android App

Design for an app I wanted to use at the time. Following the material guidelines but having an easy to use UI for a better user experience.

Behance Project

Viber Android Redesign

Old personal project where I’ve redesigned Viber’s (2014) app to have a modern material look.

Behance Project

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