Customisable receipts

The goal of customisable receipt was to provide this functionality as a merchant self service. In the first month of the MVP we’ve managed to achieve a 50% decrease of the Customer Support cases regarding customising receipts.
Below are some of the key findings from our UX research and design validation prior development.

Circuit UI Components library

This was a personal initiative where me and another designer teamed up to put our Figma library in a better shape and help the whole design team work more efficiently.

Learn more about Circuit UI

UX research

I’m doing UX research for every product feature me and my team are working on. In November 2019 we also did a major in person interviews where we covered the whole squad domain. I invited developers and other team members, so they can meet and learn more about our merchants.
Below is how we usually execute UX interviews and design validation for our main country markets.

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